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That Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students in the State of Oklahoma have the same opportunities as all children to be successful in a barrier-free environment.



The Oklahoma School for the Deaf will provide quality education to all students in a way that –

>>    Continually increases expectations for and achievements of every student.

>>    Develops healthy self-esteem, intrinsic motivation, and strong work habits in all students.

>>    Creates a safe, barrier-free learning environment.

>>    Meets the challenge of educating a culturally and economically diverse student population.

>>    Stimulates continuous professional growth which ensures effective, innovative classroom instruction.

>>    Engages parents as equal partners in their child’s education.



That every student is equipped for life-long learning, responsible, citizenship, and productive employment in an ever-changing society.

>>    Unifies the community to make school improvement a priority.



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In the fall of 1908, the School for the Deaf was opened in Sulphur and has continued here since that time. At first, the school was held in rented buildings that were in the business section of town. It was not until the fall of 1913 that the first building on our present site was completed and the deaf had a permanent school home.  

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