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Family Engagement

Family Engagement


Literacy Events – Our Early Development Specialists offer a Literacy Event once per semester. This is a great time to meet other families in an environment where the focus is on early literacy


Family Connection Events – We offer Family Connection Events once per semester. Join us as we offer relevant information about raising your deaf or hard-of-hearing child.


Oklahoma Family Network – OFN provides hope for Oklahoma families who have children with special healthcare needs.



Hands and Voices – Hands and Voices are a parent-led, professionally-collaborative organization infused with the life experiences of adults who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, that is dedicated to serving families with children who are D/HH without a bias around communication modes or methodology.



The Center For Individuals With Physical Challenges – The Center provides opportunities for youth and adults with physical challenges to enhance the quality of their lives.



Oklahoma Parents Center – OPC is a statewide parent training and information organization that advocates for children with disabilities to build a better future since 2000.



Oklahoma School for the Deaf

Providing statewide services to families and children who are deaf or hard of hearing children through the Department of Family and Early Childhood Services.