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OSD provides transportation to and from school for residential students all over Oklahoma, Buses pick up and deliver students at designated stops and times. Transportation routes with the designated stops and time schedules are given to families when they enroll.  Parents/Guardians also have access to this information online. 


Transportation Office Hours

Monday-Thursday: 7:30 AM–6:00 PM

Sunday: 9:00 AM–10:00 PM



2023 Bus Stops

2023 Bus Stop Locations



Changes in Transportation Plans
Parents/Guardians must notify the Transportation Office at least two days beforehand or as soon as possible.

  • or
  • (580) 618-1316 Voice/Text

Address or Contact Information Changes
It is extremely important to notify us at (580) 622-4929 or email on any address or contact information changes.  This information needs to be current for us to be able to communicate with you and contact you for emergencies.

Permission to Visit on Weekends
Students who want to stay the weekend at OSD during an event will need to fill out the Dorm Stay Request form and give the forms to the Director of Student Life one week prior to the visit. This helps the transportation department know if the student is staying the weekend and not going home. 

To qualify for weekend stay privileges, students must have shown appropriate behavior in the dorms, at school, and on buses.

Transportation of Day Students
The transportation of day students at the school is primarily the responsibility of the child’s local school district. The school encourages parents/guardians to keep their child’s district driver’s phone number at all times.   If the day student is wanting to stay in the dorms they will need to complete the Dorm Stay Request form and this needs to be done in advance so the district driver is aware of transportation needs.

After-School Activities- Day Students
Day Students may participate in after-school activities, they have the option to stay in the dorm, or Parents/guardians will need to arrange a pick-up after the activity if they are not staying in the dorm.  A day student dorm stay request needs to be filled out in advance.

Weekend Sports
If the student is in high school sports that involve weekend games, parents/guardians will need to contact the Athletics Department in order to obtain information regarding their travel plans.

School Holidays
Please refer to the school calendar to determine which holidays when OSD is not in session. If the school is closed for a Monday holiday, transportation will resume on Monday evening instead of Sunday evening

Sick or other issues
Parents/Guardians are responsible for transportation if the student needs to be sent home during the week.