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Deaf Advisory Committee


The OSD Deaf Advisory Committee is a team of Deaf adults that includes educators and service providers who provide feedback and input regarding programs for deaf and hard of hearing students at OSD. The committee meets quarterly to review plans for educational initiatives, suggest annual priorities, advise the administration, and make recommendations that facilitate educational opportunities for students who are deaf or hard of hearing.  The committee assists in reviewing activities and programs, renewing connections within the Deaf community, and refining educational goals for students at OSD.




Current members are Minnie Anderson, OSU/OKC and OKCAD; Elias Castillo, OSU/OKC and OSU; Gary Davis, OU; Alex Farrow, OAD and TCC; Pam Fylstra, OSD; Kristina Kramer, TCC; Audrey Schwyhart, TSHA; Jamie Wilson, OSD.