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Student Life

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Hands on Life Skills

   Time Management

   Money Management

   Social Skills

   Personal Skills

   Maintenance Skills

   Recreational activities 

   Decision Making Skills


OSD Honor Dorm  

  We prepare students to live independently before they transition after graduation.  

   Junior/Senior Curriculum-similar to the student life curriculum but more independent living teaching.

   Learning responsibilities.

   Involves in Job Training.


After School Job Training

   OSD has occupational training for students interested in after school employment This program is similar to the OTOD program where the students earn minimum wage, learn valuable work skills and develop good work ethics in various positions to prepare them for future employment after graduation. The jobs normally are on campus. Some jobs when permitted, are off campus in the community where they learn to work with and blend in with their hearing counterparts with appropriate accommodations if needed.


All our dorms are equipped with

   Community Kitchens

   Community Living room with flat screen TVs

   Rooms to accommodate students with beds and dressers

   Senior Independent Living include the same things as traditional dorms and it also includes a TV,         

   microwave and personal refrigerators.




Student Life Dorms

Boys Dorm Girls Dorm  Green background with words in white font saying




Building three stories, tree on the right.
Stewart Hall Girls Dorm
Counter, cabinets shown with a stove, sink and dishwasher
Stewart Hall Kitchen area
Two twin beds displayed with a long vanity
Stewart Hall Bedroom
Two twin beds with blue blankets, wood table in between and Two windows with tan curtians and one tall brown dresser on the left
Blattner Hall Bedroom
Long mirror with wood trim, two lights and three sinks
Blattner Hall boys bathroom
Long black couch, two tables with eight chairs, a tv in front and two door ways displayed.
Blattner Hall Living area